Rental Terms and conditions in Angola

Vehicles are rented on a daily basis (24-hour), counting from the date and time of the vehicle pick-up.

The client is entitled to 150km per rent day, accumulated during the rental period. Additional mileage will be charged with a fee of 228 Kz per km.

Only Class H, I e W vehicles can travel outside of Luanda.

Necessary Documents for Car Rentals

Copy of ID or passport, copy of driver's license and a letter of rental request from companies, when applied.

About fuel

The vehicles are rented with full tank and must be returned in the same condition. Otherwise customer will be charged a fee of 6.500Kz plus the value of the fuel with a cost of 300 Kz / liter

About rent without driver

In these conditions the rental is subject to a deposit of 200.000 Kz and a variable waive is applied according to the class of the rented vehicle. Client is the sole responsible for any damage, loss of documents, tools, etc.

About hire with driver

In these conditions the rental is subject to a deposit of 50.000 Kz and the driver is the sole responsible for the vehicle and the customer is free of any waive or costs for damage, loss of documents, tools, etc. The driver complies with the normal working hours (from 8h to 18h), outside this period will be paid overtime in the amount of 3.420Kz per hour extra. A fee of 22.800 kz per day will apply for travels outsider Luanda and accommodation and food for the driver costs is Client responsibility.

Vehicle return conditions

Client undertakes to return the vehicle in good conditions of use and cleaning, at the place and agreed date, with the fuel tank full. Failure to comply with these rules will result in additional fees. Driver is responsible for payment of any traffic / parking fines that occur during the rental.

About pick-up and drop-off

Delivery services in the place chosen by client, other than our installations, are subject to a 9,120 Kz fee/ service.

About charging

Rental is PREPAYMENT and Cash, Wire Transfer, VISA, MULTI CASH, DEPOSIT or CHECK are aceptable. In case of Wire Transfer or Deposit a proof presentation have to be presented before opening the respective contract.

Return of guarantee

The deposit will be returned at the end of the rental after deducting any extra expenses and according to the following conditions for payment in:

  • 1º cash - return in cash without costs;
  • 2º transfer - return by transfer with a cost of 1.000 Kz;
  • 3º multicaixa - return by transfer with a rate of 1% plus 1,000 kz;

Rates include:

  • 150 km/day, accumulated during the rental period;
  • 2 drivers per rental;
  • Third Party Insurance;
  • Comprehensive Insurance, subject to waiver variable in each class;
  • Maintenance and oil;

Rates exclude:

  • Pick up or drop off services outside our instalations: 9.120 MT/service;
  • Damage caused by Client;
  • Parking, fines and towing of the responsibility of the Client;
  • Fee for overture in the event Key is locked inside the vehicle: 30.000Kz;
  • Fuel;
  • If vehicles requires special cleaning procedure (i.e. smell removal, animal pollution, spill of liquids etc.) after returning, a cleaning charge of 7.980 Kz will be applied;

In the case of chauffeur services, the aforementioned values apply.

Rates are non-commissionable. Values presented include the Consumption Rate (5%).

Client undertakes to to ensure the good condition of the vehicle, to make prudent use of the vehicle, to ensure that the vehicle is locked in a safe place when not in use, and to comply with the road code and other regulations aplicable.


Inter Rent reserves the right to replace vehicle models with similar specification and/ or change additional charges without notice.

Inter Rent Angola, Lda is an Angolan car rental company, which operates under the brand Win Car Rental.

Updated on May 24, 2024